Parisian purveyors of cool,
colette has collaborated with esteemed luxury brand Hermès with the launch of the street style website J’Aime Mon Carré (I Love My Scarf), a campaign to hookup the classic silk printed scarf with a younger, more hip crowd and to shake off whatever’s left of the scarf’s granny chic image. from 27 September to 16 October, colette will be offering scarves made especially and exclusively to them.

luckily my parents are in Europe at the moment attending a conference and they were able to get me this 90cm Brides de Gala scarf yesterday:

the 90cm silk twill square is a funkified version of the now classic 1957 print covered in colette’s signature polka dots. these are limited to 200 pieces only =D

other scarves in the Hermès x colette collection include a cashmere-silk losange (30 pieces only!!!), another Brides de Gala 90cm square in blue/black polka dot colourway

and 30 one-of-a-kind "Patchwork" (or are they actually "Carre en Carres"?) silk squares. here are two examples:

im not too crazy about the random collage of their most famous prints, but i heard these ones have already sold out on the first day. i’ve still got my eye firmly focused on the losange. but i have yet to talk myself into paying almost $1000 for it >.<

for now, im very happy they got me the Brides de Gala square and i can’t wait for them to arrive on Sunday.

here’s a photo of their current window display:

j’aime Hermès x colette, mais bien sûr!


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